Do you lack an external “sparring partner” – a sounding board for your ideas?

Are you the “talent” facing a difficult project?

Are you a leader experiencing challenges with your satisfaction surveys?

Are you a new leader who needs to make a flying start?

“Christine’s coaching has improved my work performance.  I now focus on moving forwards the project teams I work with in a much more positive way.  I have learnt to become more patient and efficient.  I have discovered my strengths and use those to make a big difference.  Thank you Christine for your coaching and guidance”.
“As previously said, this program has been a tremendous help to me as it supported me during challenging personal times.Thanks a lot for having been there for me, being a true listener, never judging and helping me building my self-confidence”.

“One of my senior employees and I undertook an hour’s telephone coaching with Christine Waldmann, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the results we were able to achieve in such a short time. During this session, we addressed a number of the core issues that were impeding our day-to-day collaboration. Once these obstacles had been revealed, we were able to deal with them proactively. I would highly recommend this approach to others who wish to ‘boost’ their collaboration with a close colleague.”

There may be many reasons that coaching is needed

Typically, there are just as many reasons as there are people. In general, external sparring around the day-to-day challenges that arise in the workplace unleashes more energy and establishes a foundation for the creation of better results.

Through coaching I will help you to achieve your objectives more quickly and effectively than you would otherwise manage. You will free up resources and tap into unrealised potential by becoming conscious of your objectives and the opportunities available to you in achieving them.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is about discovering solutions within yourself. Most people have solutions to most questions themselves, but they do not have immediate access to these solutions in a conscious way. Through coaching you become more conscious of your thoughts, your patterns of behaviour, your potential and the obstacles to achieving your goals.

In this way, you will be able to act differently straight away.

Why an external coach?

Leaders and colleagues can never be impartial sparring partners. It is therefore crucial to differentiate between, on the one hand, ordinary day-to-day discussion and/or internal sparring within the company and, on the other, coaching.
A coach is impartial, and coaching is a professional technique that unleashes the greater potential within those who benefit from it.

I favour realistic coaching that leads you towards your goal and in which you are an active participant. When working with me, it is therefore essential that you are prepared to work on yourself and are aware that you need to give something of yourself to achieve the results that coaching can offer.

On a personal level, I have both leadership and executive-level experience, and, as such, I am familiar with executive and strategic work, while I have also worked on a number of significant turnarounds. This insight and experience means that I am able to pose the right questions, put my finger on the key issues and guide you towards your goals much more quickly than other coaches, while always maintaining an understanding of the situation you are in and the world in which you operate.

I coach senior managers, middle managers and specialists.

”It always seems impossible until its done”

– Nelson Mandela

What you can expect:

Coaching tailored towards your current personal objectives

A sparring partner without a prior agenda, but with considerable experience from executive and directorship positions

A deeper level of debate than would be possible internally

Insights into both what is said and what is unspoken

Development of your strengths as well as those areas that present challenges

Challenging and progressive questions

The motivation, courage and incentive to act more quickly and efficiently

These are things that are critical for securing the career and life that you seek

Companies with skilled leaders create better results.

Kickstart the process today. Your first meeting with me is free – of course!

The ChangePartner program

We hold an initial meeting and assess the chemistry. We discuss your objectives and what needs to be different by the end of the ten sessions of the coaching program. We run a short coaching session and talk about home assignments, goals and follow-up activities.
We have five coaching sessions together.
We carry out an evaluation and amend the objectives accordingly.
We have five more coaching sessions, conclude the program and carry out an evaluation.
You conclude your coaching program equipped with a variety of results, as well as an awareness of what you can work on in the future.
I have one agenda:

That those I coach enjoy the best career for them as individuals.

– Christine Waldmann

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