HR and strategy implementation

Do you have a goal-oriented HR strategy?

Do your HR initiatives go hand-in-hand with your business objectives and create value?

It is vital to have a business-supporting HR strategy that ensures that the potential of your employees is developed and utilised optimally.

The foundation for success within HR is created in collaboration with your company. With the right strategy, the right skills and clear objectives, your company can benefit from an HR section that works purposefully towards specific objectives, and which is supportive of the business.

In this way, HR is furnished with the best tools to perform the tasks that will bring concrete value to the company.

You can expect:

Analysis and external ”sparring” when an HR strategy needs to be developed, formulated and implemented

The mapping-out of your needs; the building and/or optimisation of business-focused HR processes; the selection and implementation of the appropriate HR information system
Initiatives and activities reinforcing an HR strategy that supports your overall business strategy and your company’s objectives
Descriptions of functions and job descriptions
The identification of success factors and the establishment of benchmarks by which to measure these

Companies with skilled leaders create better results.

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The ChangePartner program


Together, we map out the way HR looks today and the way it should look in the future, based consistently on a business-focused strategy. We design new objectives and processes, and we implement them. Everything is organised, presented and supported with the company’s management on an ongoing basis.


You will need to decide which administrative and development processes, projects and initiatives should be carried out within HR on an ongoing basis, as well as the timetable for each process.
I am driven by a desire to equip your company’s HR with real value.
– Christine Waldmann


”One of my senior employees and I undertook an hour’s telephone coaching with Christine Waldmann, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the results we were able to achieve in such a short time. During this session, we addressed a number of the core issues that were impeding our day-to-day collaboration. Once these obstacles had been revealed, we were able to deal with them proactively. I would highly recommend this approach to others who wish to ‘boost’ their collaboration with a close colleague.”

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