Team processes

Is your company characterised by strong individuals within the leadership team?

Do you wish to improve your ability to utilise each other’s strengths?

Do you wish to work effectively by pulling in the same direction?

A company needs strong, independent leaders and equally strong teams if the business is to flourish.

Working with team processes involves creating leadership teams that make use of awareness, reflection and action to work more effectively, pulling in the same direction by using each other’s strengths.

Research has shown that the more highly placed the leader, the more individualistic the traits (s)he is likely possess. This makes sense in terms of the tasks and challenges they face. But a senior leadership position also requires significant collaboration with others in the leadership team.

When the leadership team appears as a team rather than a group of individuals, the result has a positive effect on the rest of the organisation.

It is therefore important to focus on what the core tasks of the team are – above and beyond, for example, target figures and KPIs.

The advantages of working on team processes include the following:

Leadership teams improve their understanding of their impact on the rest of the organisation

You get an overview of interpersonal dynamics and the ways in which leaders can make better use of each other.
An understanding of how the head of the leadership team can manage the team more suitably
Leadership teams that are motivated to deal with change and new approaches
These are critical factors in the construction of a well-functioning leadership team.

Companies with skilled leaders create better results

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The ChangePartner program


You contact me and explain your challenges and needs. I speak with the team leader and all team members. We usually make use of the recognised Hogan Assessment method with individual team members. This is to ensure that we have a concrete starting point in relation to the individual’s behaviour and routines.


I make use of tests and interviews as the basis for the “sparring” that is necessary for your leadership team.
Along with the individual team members, I uncover the individual’s strengths and critical contributions to the team, along with what each of them ought to do more or less of in order to contribute in the best possible way.
I always design and tailor the team process in collaboration with the head of the leadership team, taking as a starting point the shared objectives of the team over and above its target figures.
I have experience both as a leader and as a director, so I understand Executive Board tasks and strategic work; I have also worked on a number of significant turnarounds.
This experience, and the insights it has provided me with, means that I am able to put my finger on the right issue and help you towards your objectives much more quickly than other process consultants.

All of this is combined with a great understanding of the situation you are in and the real world you are dealing with.

I am driven by curiosity and a fascination for the differences between people.
– Christine Waldmann


“As previously said, this program has been a tremendous help to me as it supported me during challenging personal times. Thanks a lot for having been there for me, being a true listener, never judging and helping me building my self-confidence”.

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