Are you as well equipped as you can be to deal with the future?

Do you want quicker results?

Do you want to optimise the development of your employees and leaders?

Talent development is about creating strong players within the team.

Companies can achieve their objectives by improving the development of each individual and by filling the most business-critical positions with the most effective players.

We know that those companies with skilled employees and leaders generate better results. For this reason, there are good grounds to strengthen the competencies of leaders and employees, and to develop their talents.

The purpose of talent development is to accelerate procedures – that is, leaders and employees who take the opportunity to develop their talents will be well placed to create results that support their company’s strategy more quickly and effectively.

Talent development focuses on strengthening a company’s overall internal potential. This involves, firstly, identifying and selecting the employees and leaders who are the prerequisite for the company’s progress, and, secondly, accelerating the process of their development with specific talent development plans.

When businesses optimise the development of their employees’ competencies, they are far better equipped to face the challenges of the future.

Programs for individuals or groups are available, depending on the objectives of your company. However, in general it is a good idea to adopt the company-wide approach that you have in mind, and develop the talents of all employees while focusing on the needs of particular individuals within an accelerated program.

To achieve the best results with talent development, it is vital that together we work out which competencies are the most critical to ensuring that your leaders and employees can deliver the results that best support your company’s strategy.

The ChangePartner program

I always tailor my program and services according to the needs and strategic objectives of the business I am working with. I either help with specific aspects of talent development or assist you with the entire program. Perhaps you could benefit from assistance or input with regard to your company’s existing talent programs, or perhaps you need a completely new concept that fits your needs? I always assess a company’s talent using recognised tests and interviews.

What you can expect:

Individual advice

Design of processes and concepts

Input regarding development plans



Practical implementation of the whole program

This program always focuses on creating strong employees and leaders who work towards the company’s goals.

Companies with skilled leaders create better results.

Contact me for a non-binding meeting, during which we will determine which form the concrete process for your business should take.

What motivates me is the desire to create leadership of the highest quality.
– Christine Waldmann


“Christine’s coaching has improved my work performance.  I now focus on moving forwards the project teams I work with in a much more positive way.  I have learnt to become more patient and efficient.  I have discovered my strengths and use those to make a big difference.  Thank you Christine for your coaching and guidance”.

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