Tests and assesments

Do you want to employ the perfect candidate?

Do you want to be able to see through the typical sunny aspects of a job interview?

Do you want to secure a person with the right qualifications and personal traits?

Using tests and dialogue, I research the potential of selected candidates.

Here, the purpose is to find out whether a candidate is suitable for a given position within the company. I work directly for companies or for headhunters, whether the objective is an internal promotion or to fill a position with an external applicant.

It is a complex matter to employ the right candidate – particularly for a leadership position at a high level. Most candidates have many strengths if they have progressed to an advanced stage in the interview process.

Everyone has a sunny side, which typically shines through during employment interviews. It is therefore crucial to get reach below the surface and locate the personality traits that will characterise the candidate in job situations when they face, for example, uncertainty, pressure, stress or circumstances in which things do not seem to be progressing quickly enough.

When your candidates are tested by me, you will acquire a far greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in the concrete situations that are critical for carrying out the requirements of the position as well as possible. You thus secure solutions that you would be unable to achieve through an ordinary employment interview.

As a result of the test, your knowledge of the candidate will include:

Which strengths and weaknesses the candidate demonstrates in specific job situations

How the candidate reacts under pressure, or when faced with uncertainty or stressful situations
The type of leadership exhibited by the candidate at a given leadership level
Where the candidate can be placed in accordance with the Leadership Pipeline approach
In other words, you are provided with knowledge so that you can feel reassured about the choice of candidate for a demanding position.

Companies with skilled leaders create better results.

Kickstart the process today. Your first meeting with me is always free – of course!

The ChangePartner program

You contact me and send me a job profile, together with information about the relevant candidates that have provided their consent to being contacted by me.

I contact the candidates and send them a link to Hogan Assessment and a problem-solving test.

The candidates complete the tests.

I prepare the test results and then enter into a dialogue with each candidate, during which we talk through the test results. This dialogue is important in constructing a nuanced picture of the test results from the perspective of given examples and situations in the candidates’ daily lives.


I brief your company or the headhunter about the results. This feedback is always concrete and detailed. It also provides an overview of each candidate’s behaviour and personality, as well as outlining how your company can expect these to express themselves in various situations.

I always look for the essential features that characterise good leadership qualities, such that the candidate is able to engage others and thereby secure results. As well as this, I look at the candidate’s business sense.
Research shows that good leaders possess a variety of qualities that are often difficult to bring out properly during a traditional job interview.
What motivates me is the desire to create leadership of the highest quality.
– Christine Waldmann


One of my senior employees and I undertook an hour’s telephone coaching with Christine Waldmann, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the results we were able to achieve in such a short time. During this session, we addressed a number of the core issues that were impeding our day-to-day collaboration. Once these obstacles had been revealed, we were able to deal with them proactively. I would highly recommend this approach to others who wish to ‘boost’ their collaboration with a close colleague.”

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